Meet Natalie Manrique, Assistant to the Dean

Natalie Manrique is the Administrative Assistant to the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and the Faculty of Continuing and Professional Studies. She joined Sheridan in November 2014 and is very appreciative of the warm welcome that she received. She graduated from the University of Toronto with an Honours Bachelor of Arts. She also has a Computer Programming Diploma from Humber College. Before joining Sheridan, she was the Office Manager at Field Performance Group, where she worked for fourteen years. She also has extensive experience as an Executive Assistant and a Bilingual Customer Service Representative.

In her spare time, Natalie loves to hike and get out of the city to enjoy nature.  She also enjoys biking, reading, listening to music and cherishes spending time with her loved ones.  She loves to travel and explore new places.

Natalie Manrique takes Alchemy’s Proust Questionnaire:

My favourite virtue: Integrity.

Photo: Natalie Manrique

Photo: Natalie Manrique

In my opinion the secret to success is: To keep a positive outlook in life, to be persistent, to surround yourself with the people you love, to always remember what is really important in life, to educate yourself, and to take care of yourself and your loved ones.

My favourite qualities in a teacher: Patience, compassion, a sense of humour, commitment to student success, enthusiasm.

Most important lesson I’ve learned this year: To keep things in perspective, no matter what happens in life.

On my bucket list: To visit countries in Europe, such as Italy, Greece and Spain.

My least favourite word: Apathy.

Moment in my life I’d like to re-live: My cherished memories from the first time that I went to Spain.

My favourite food/meal and drink: Italian, Spanish and French cuisine.