The HUB: The photography of Peter Grevstad

Professor Peter Grevstad (English and Literary Studies) is not just a man of letters and libraries. A consummate globe-trotter, Grevstad has long documented his experiences on the road (in Asia, Europe, Scandinavia, and everywhere in between) and here at home in Toronto and its environs in beautiful, often revelatory ways. His photographs, several of which have been featured in online and journalistic publications like the Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star, explore city life, the natural world, and the collision between the two. He writes:

I do photography because it’s one thing I can do on which I don’t have to depend for a living, and which I do not for the recognition or social standing it might afford me. I take photos because I want to, and if others like them or feature them it’s great but I’m not doing it professionally or for any kind of public approval/adulation. It’s the perfect hobby!

Check out Peter’s Flickr page at to get lost in his versions of our various worlds.