Celebrating Student Success: The 2013-2014 FHASS Student Awards Ceremony

FHASS held its annual Student Awards Ceremony at Macdonald-Heaslip Hall on Sheridan’s Trafalgar campus on June 9, 2014. The well-attended event brought administration, faculty, staff, students, and their families together to recognize student success from the 2013-2014 academic year and celebrate excellence within and beyond FHASS. After Dean Has Malik’s welcoming remarks the evening’s keynote speech was delivered by Sheridan GAS alum (and current FHASS professor) Mark Reitsma, who encouraged students to critically explore and examine their academic paths and purposes as they continue their education and professionalization within FHASS and beyond. Special guests including individual award sponsors and donors, representatives from Nelson Education Ltd. and Pearson Education Canada, and members of the IODE helped our FHASS program coordinators acknowledge and reward the excellent academic and personal growth demonstrated by students in Sheridan’s GAS, Humanities, ESL, English, Breadth, and General Education programs. The winning work and effort of the recipients of this year’s awards (listed below) represent the culmination — the alchemy — of hard work, perseverance, self-improvement, and success at the heart of academic study and the human desire for knowledge and experience that lies at the very heart of our discipline. Congratulations to all!

FHASS Award Winners (Photo: Rossana Gorys)

FHASS Award Winners (Photo: Rossana Gorys)

Check out the display case outside of TRAF C227 for more photos from the evening.


General Arts & Science

Debora Vazquez Academic Achievement Award: Heather Mackay-Tough

Pearson Awards in Excellence in Principles of Psychology: Jamie Hilts & Mitchell Wells

General Arts and Science Award for Academic Scholarship: Rachel Lake

College Profile Academic Achievement AwardsVeronica Da Silva Melo & Megan Lindsay Melmoth

Heather Adcock Memorial Awards: Paul Valus & Nelia De Oliveira

Nelson Award of Excellence – Health Profile: Guadalupe Mirasol Cobon

Aileen Bassett IODE Memorial Awards: Robert Sanders & Rachel Mcclatchey

Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences

FHASS – Dean’s Award of Excellence: Philip Costa

FHASS – Alumni Award for Excellence in Research: Lauren Orser

English Language Studies (ESL)

Award of Excellence: Ruzan Khass

Award of Excellence: Dalya Jabr

Jura Seskus Award: Kaori Castillo Izaguirre


Nelson Awards for Excellence in Composition & Rhetoric: Jeannine Hulshof & Alyssa Waterbury

Pearson Awards for Excellence in Essential Communication Skills: Vanessa Sica & Karina Mohammed


Pearson Awards for Excellence in Psychology: Arinea Hermans & Rachel Harrison

Humanities & Social Sciences Excellence Award: Gavin Bowerman

Humanities & Social Sciences Highest Achievement Award: Emma Clayton

General Education

Award of Achievement: Gurpreet Gill

Nelson Education Award for Online Studies: Andrea Roberts

General Education Award of Excellence: Brandon Weir