Julie Morris investigates strategies to support the Learning Centre

Julie is working currently on a research study that assesses the Sheridan College Learning Centres as a part of her Teaching and Learning Academy 3 project, which is a part of her full-time probationary service.  As an integral part of student success at Sheridan, the Learning Centre is a valuable resource for Sheridan students, and Julie is investigating marketing and retention strategies that will help to highlight these benefits to the Sheridan population.  With the support of Lee Easton, Stephanie Samboo, and many other faculty members of FHASS and the College community, her study is in progress and she has surveyed approximately 100 students thus far.  It is Julie’sJulie Morris and Study 2013 hope that she will be able to survey 600+ students from General Education and English for Academic Purposes (EAP) classes across all 3 campuses.

In the Winter 2014 semester, Julie will have a research assistant from the General Arts and Science program working with her as a part of the co-curricular record program. Julie’s goals for this project include the dissemination of information internally at Sheridan, presenting the findings at conferences, and she aims eventually to publish the results.

Any professors who would like more information or to volunteer their classes for the survey can do so by emailing Julie at julie.morris@sheridancollege.ca