Roots of Freedom Nurtured at Sheridan

By: Prof. Jennifer Phenix (Humanities) The Canadian Caribbean Association of Halton (CCAH), in partnership with Oakville Museum and Sheridan College, presented the 10th Annual Roots of Freedom Festival on October 26-27, 2016. On Wednesday, October 26th in the… Read More

Breadth Students Get Creative

By: Prof. Patrice Esson (Psychology) The Setting: A chilly Friday afternoon at the beginning of April, 2016. The Scene: The Student Union’s Leadership Symposium – a large meeting room with three walls of windows and awkwardly placed columns… Read More

Introducing the Academic Mental Health Collective

By: Prof. Lisa Droogendyk (Psychology) Hello Sheridan colleagues! I’m excited to tell you about the launch of a new website that I’ve been involved in creating – the Academic Mental Health Collective ( If you care about mental… Read More

“For Her We Speak” Comes to Campus

By: Prof. Sarah Sinclair (Communications and Literary Studies) On October 13th, in collaboration with Halton Women’s Place and FHASS, literature professor and Ph.D researcher Nicolette Little hosted For Her We Speak at the Trafalgar campus: an evening event… Read More

ESL Centre Project

By Kathleen Oakey, M.L.I.S. (Humanities and Social Sciences Librarian) It all started with a President’s Creative Challenge and an email in my inbox from Paula Ogg. The year was 2014 — the year of “internationalization” — and Paula… Read More

Mark Your Calendar: “Voices of South Asia” Coming to Sheridan

As part of Asian and South Asian Heritage Month (May!), the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (FHASS) is excited to announce an upcoming event called “Voices of South Asia.” The event, which is the first of its… Read More

Reminder: Sheridan Creates Returns on March 1, 2017

By Prof. Christian Knudsen (History) On March 1, 2017, Sheridan will hold its second annual Scholars, Creators and Innovators Conference, a day-long event meant to engage, celebrate and advance a range of scholarly, creative and research activities across… Read More

FHASS and FOLD: Global Perspectives on Diversity, Literature, and City Building

FHASS is pleased to announce an exciting new community partnership that promises to bring more of Sheridan into the Brampton community, and more of the Brampton community to the institution. Sheridan has become a sponsor of The FOLD (Festival of Literary… Read More

Reflections and Thanks: FHASS, Home Suite Hope, and the Holidays

By Prof. Sara Cumming Now that we are well into the Winter semester, I wanted to take a moment to thank FHASS for your generous gifts/time/cash donations to Home Suite Hope over the holidays in December. (See my initial call for donations here.) For those of you who don’t… Read More

A question about SWFs from Terry Kostiw

My Dear Colleagues, We need your input on this one. I admit, I’m a traditionalist — I still distribute paper copies of assignments and class material, use the telephone book and, at times, struggle to operate our TV remote. But I understand most are less reluctant to embrace… Read More