Welcome to Winter, 2024!

Dear Colleagues,

Open House is one of my favourite events of the year. It’s an opportunity for me to unabashedly laud our Faculty’s achievements and unique offerings from a list that gets longer every semester. In turn, prospective students tell me about how amazed they are to discover programs like ours during their search for post-secondary options, either because of our curriculum, co-curricular enrichment, student community, or the support and kindness they encountered when speaking with any member of our faculty and staff.

I’ve often wished our internal community could be a fly on the wall while I enthuse about our accomplishments to these future students, and I recently realized that our bi-annual Alchemy releases are a close simulation of just that! To that end, read on to hear about many recent events, including our first “Pride Reads” and visits from other celebrated authors; new Collaborative Online International Learning partnerships and Virtual Reality programming; new opportunities for the broader faculty to connect with their Local Academic Council members; new faculty colleagues and new roles for some of our longer-serving colleagues; and much more!

Happy Spring,

Genevieve Amaral, Dean