FHASS Welcomes Nicolette Little!

Nicolette Little researches and writes about media, feminist mediated activism, and gender-based violence, and is also a children’s author (A Toot in the Tub, 2018; Khloe’s Kooky Hair Day, forthcoming). She loves teaching, and is happy to be back at Sheridan!

Nicolette Answers Alchemy’s Proust Survey:

Most important lesson I’ve learned this year: This past year, I had special opportunity to see the depth of students’ kindness. I will never forget this. Ten years into a teaching career, I have a new sense of just how amazing students can be.

My idea of perfect happiness: Hiking up a mountain in the Rockies. Cuddling my feral sheepadoodle, Eloise. Writing children’s books. Researching media-related topics. Striving for a new achievement, to see if I can make it happen. Family time. Time in nature. Friendship. There are so many things that bring light to my life.

In my opinion the secret to success is: Perseverance. The recognition that many tiny steps add up to a big one…no matter how long the road ahead seems.

If I weren’t a teacher/administrator I’d be: Before beginning my PhD, I considered rerouting to become a medical doctor. I look around me, especially since the pandemic, and I feel we need people who can support others’ health, at a time when access to securely/publicly funded healthcare seems to be closing down. I also dreamed of being a vet.

Ultimately, though, I have to say I’m beyond content with the life work I’ve chosen. I love teaching, and being in the classroom – and I love researching media and equity. I’m also a children’s author, and writing books for kids has brought a lot of joy.

My favourite historical, literary, or cinematic character(s): Hmmm…Anne Bronte. The forgotten Bronte sister, and yet a dynamo – speaking in terms of literary output – in her own right.

Talent or skill I wish I had: To be able to sing or paint well.

My favourite singer/musician and song: I come from a family of jazz and rock musicians, so I’m utterly biased. I’m thrilled to be back in Ontario, and to have opportunities to see these family members play. Other than this, I like smatterings from so many genres that it’s hard to pick a song or a musician. (Boring answer, I know 😊)

On my bucket list: Gone are the days when I would have included something like “skydiving.” I’d like to learn how to sing or knit, or travel a little more.