Alia Somani Takes New Role as GenEd Coordinator

By Alia Somani

In January of 2024, I took on the role of Programme Coordinator of General Education. In addition to teaching, which I love, this role enables me to engage with the broader Sheridan community. It involves such responsibilities as advising students on credit transfers, mentoring part-time faculty, and reviewing course syllabi. This position offers new and exciting tasks which I am eager to take on.

Dr. Alia Somani

As the GenEd coordinator, I hope to build on my existing experiences at Sheridan. I have been teaching in FHASS as a professor of Postcolonial Literature for eight years. During that time, I have also participated in curriculum development and community engagement projects. For example, I co-organized the first two instalments of Voices of South Asia with Associate Dean Stephanie Samboo. I also designed a breadth elective on World Literature, and I have served as the course lead for Multicultural Voices, one of the most popular general electives in FHASS.

I am grateful to Dr. Dalia Hanna, the Associate Dean for the School of Social and Life Sciences, for inviting me to join the GenEd team. Sarah Sinclair, who has recently assumed the role of Student Advisor for General Education, has been a tremendous help and great colleague. As the GenEd coordinator, my goal is to work towards the improvement of student and faculty life in FHASS and at Sheridan more broadly.