Professor Sara Machan Publishes Children’s Books

ESL professor Sara Machan has written and illustrated a series of children’s books meant to help children with body positivity and dealing with anger. These books are intended to take topics children may struggle with and approach them in a way they can comprehend and relate to. The books are titled I Want to be Tiny and I Want to be Brave.  

I Want to be Tiny takes a gentle approach to the often-complex issue of body image, aiming to connect with young readers through relatable storytelling and inviting illustrations. The cover art reflects the warmth and inclusivity found within the pages, fostering an environment of self-acceptance for children. 

In I Want to be Brave, Machan addresses fear —a common but challenging emotion— portraying it as a natural part of life that can be understood and managed. The art is meant to show typical childhood fears in a new, friendly light. 

Machan’s intention behind these books goes beyond traditional education. She hopes to create a safe space for children to engage with these essential concepts by combining narrative and visuals. The books become tools for building emotional intelligence, offering children a way to understand and express complex feelings. 

These creations are literary companions and potential resources for parents and educators seeking to open meaningful conversations around body image and anger management. She hopes these books can be a source of comfort for children who may not know how to deal with such concepts.