Dina Ernest Publishes 16 Nile Street

Kudos to FHASS professor Dina Ernest, who independently published her novel 16 Nile Street this year.

Dina describes the plot as follows:

The events of 16 Nile Street take place in Cairo, Egypt during and after the revolution of 2011. It is about a romantic relationship between a Muslim man and a Coptic Christian woman. Like many nonpoliticized Egyptians, Yasmine, Hassan and his brother, Youssef participate in Tahrir Square protests with one aspiration: social justice. The tumultuous political scene along with social and religious restrictions affect their decisions and relationships. The hopes raised after ousting President Mubarak and the disappointment of the outcome of the revolution are interwoven with personal aspirations and disillusionment. As Hassan and Yasmine try to conform to social norms and have a new life, each embarks on a journey of self-recognition and mental freedom. A tragic twist of events towards the end of the novel marks the final stage of their relationship, leading to more understanding and appreciation of the other.

For more information, or links to buy, you can visit Dina’s website at: www.dinaernest.comĀ 

Congratulations, Professor Ernest!