In Praise of Short Stories

Kate Cayley. Credit: Livia Ambrose

It’s nearly the end of the semester, the days are grey, and there is barely time to read. So, in a nod to our collectively limited time, my book recommendations this week are all short story collections. I… Read More

From the Interim Dean’s Desk: Welcome to Fall 2023!

Dear Colleagues,  I’m continually amazed at the ways our faculty and staff distinguish themselves in their respective fields, and this semester has been no exception: in this issue you’ll hear about impressive professional recognition, thought leadership, creative and… Read More

FHASS Welcomes Aisha Jamal!

Aisha holds a PhD in Contemporary German Diasporic Cinema from the University of Toronto. Her academic interest considers how diasporic identities operate not only in film but also literature, multi-media and contemporary art, taking an interdisciplinary approach. Her focus… Read More

TESOL Plus Program Travels to Brazil

Sheridan’s TESOL Plus Program has been working on a project with a goal to cultivate a sense of global connections and to provide intercultural experiences to students through virtual and physical educational models. In the first stage, students… Read More

The Ampersand Review Launches First Ever &nd Festival!

By Tali Voron On November 3rd and 4th,The Ampersand Review of Writing & Publishing and the Creative Writing & Publishing program hosted the inaugural &nd Festival at Sheridan College’s Hazel McCallion campus. The aim of the festival was… Read More

FHASS Launches PACRE Graduate Certificate

In Fall 2023, the School of Humanities and Creativity in Sheridan’s Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences launched a new graduate certificate—the Program in Applied Creativity and Innovation (PACRE). PACRE is an interdisciplinary credential for mid-career professionals and… Read More

Alchemy’s “Write Like a Human” Student Contest: Judge’s Notes

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This Fall, Alchemy challenged FHASS’s CW&P students to engage with the looming threat of AI. THey were invited either to write stories that engaged with AI, or to go head-to-head against a Large Language Model AI program by… Read More

Write Like a Human Contest Winner: Project D

By Filomena DeRose . Prompt: Write a 1000-word story about a wife who builds a stay-at-home husband after her husband is killed in a fishing accident. . AI Attempt: Building a Robotic Companion, By Chat-GPT 3 In the… Read More

Write Like a Human Contest Runner Up: Doctors Vs. AI

By Kara Woodburn Composing email… Hello Impersonal Hello [[firstname]] Generic Ciao [[firstname]] Too familiar Expanding database Searching… Searching… $TIME= 4:16 am $START= 1:23 pm Calculating time passage… 14 hours and 53 minutes Estimated time till next death… 23… Read More

Write Like a Human Contest Runner Up: Webworld

By Sophie Walsh . November 1st, 2055. My wave trackers arrived today. Deirdre convinced me to order them after my last meeting at the hospital. She keeps telling me nothing will really change. I’ll still be able to… Read More