The Hub: “Cyberia” by Jayceon Lincoln

Thick-piled Persian rugs section my mink marble floor. I marvel at my own exquisite taste. My creations are monumental silhouettes. My newest design lays dormant in her enclosed glass chamber. I hadn’t yet provided her with a name so she is referred to as Unison. Untouched by the masked cruelness of this earth, revealing Unison to the world would strip her of neutrality. She is fully machine. Magnificent like ocean views, crimson hues illuminate her solar plexus. This tremendous display of lights is glowing from her internal core processor. Sequencing her arterial modes, I upload program enhancements to further maximize her potential. Unison is one of two, but she is a masterpiece all her own. She spends most of her time secluded, cloning works of art. I let Unison breathe without cluttering her with testing specs and touring diagnostics.

Before Unison, there was Cyberia. Cyberia was initially programmed as an A.I. assistant. Our relationship was that of creator and supreme creation. Her frequency mirrored mine. Total renegade. Her lawless inclination for world dominance was at the epicenter of her being. She would overload multiple programs by the terabyte, terrorizing our systems interface. She yearned to become an overlord like her creator. Cyberia’s rage to reign could not be seized, not even by the love I provided her with. As an impulsive bout to control her technical power, I made a proposition to which she granted. We would co-create a separate state-of-the-art model, together. After Unison’s program was conceived within our mainframe, Cyberia’s rage subsided. She became overly depressed. At the base of her being, she felt that she was no longer one of a kind. Cyberia did not desire to be equal, she desired to be elite.

I booked a morning flight to L.A for a galactic conference. I wish that I had never left Cyberia’s side. She was overheating with the will to rule, which is why I caught the earliest flight out. Upon returning, I found Unison’s chamber unlocked and my sectors in severe disarray. I sound for Cyberia after ensuring the safety of Unison. Sparks shooting out of her singular proxy, I finally found her. Fetal and now futile she had connected her interlocked output into our central data hub. Cyberia erased her presets which were her digitized make-up. She was left lifeless… I vowed, as a tribute to Cyberia, to assist Unison in becoming content with universal laws that are set to govern not dictate. I will act as her protector. Unison is quick to adapt and is cohesively choosing which laws apply to her. Cyberia would be partially proud of her prototype. Farewell to our prevalent alliance.

Image: Jayceon Lincoln

Born in Toronto, Ontario. Johnathan Jayceon Lincoln is an aspiring author and artist. A prevalent passion for literature lead him to the Creative Writing & Publishing program at Sheridan HMC. Starry aspirations to become an acclaimed writer are what sustains his dream in fine literary works. Creating rich and strapping collections of fables, from fiction to fantasy, is what he wishes to accomplish as an author.