Welcome to the Winter 2018 Issue of Alchemy!

What a year! It’s been a while since our last issue of Alchemy–for obvious reasons–so we’ve got a lot of catching up to do. This year, FHASS saw the launch of its first degree–the Honours Bachelor of Creative Writing and Publishing— as well as the TESOL+ Graduate Certificate, and welcomed a great cohort of eager students to populate them. On top of that, we had another iteration of Sheridan Reads, exciting research funding news, the launch of the Community Ideas Factory, and all our individual successes. Phew.

Hopefully you can take a bit of time between marking, or between semesters, to scroll through all the exciting things we’ve been up to as a group. On a more urgent note, though, we wanted to let you know that English and Creative Writing Prof. Sarah Yi-Mei Tsiang‘s excellent poem “Women’s work” is currently shortlisted for ARC Poetry magazine’s poem of the year! Voting closes on April 30, so please take a minute to read the shortlisted poems here, and CAST YOUR VOTE for “Women’s work” by April 30!

Good luck, Sarah, and Happy Spring to everyone!

–Owen Percy, Sarah Sinclair, and Glenn Clifton