Welcome to the Winter 2017 Issue of Alchemy

Image by Animation student Maeve Howard; see “Student Spotlight: Harmony in Images” in this issue, or visit her at http://maesjardin.tumblr.com/

Happy Spring, everyone!

Welcome to the Winter 2017 Issue of Alchemy, the second on our new platform, and the first on our new end-of-semester timetable. Hopefully you can take a break from your marking, studying, and spring cleaning to catch up on what you might have missed during this last busy semester in FHASS.

And it was a busy one, as ever. In events and initiatives like Film for Thought, Black History Month, and Sheridan Creates, we continued to assert our Faculty presence in, and to make our integral contributions to, nearly every facet of Sheridan life. As we prepare for the Spring and Summer semesters, and for the exciting launch of our two new degree programs (TESOL Plus and Creative Writing & Publishing) in Fall 2017, we look forward to continued growth, collegiality, and productivity in our intellectual and professional lives as a Faculty.

It’s not easy keeping up with you, FHASS, but we try. Please keep helping us. Let Alchemy be your voice and vehicle; please keep sending us your ideas, stories, milestones, research, thoughts, and questions, and we’ll keep doing our best to share them on our platform. Our contact info remains the same, and you can connect with any or all of us via email or in person, like the pioneers used to do, to discuss the newsletter, what it does, and what it might yet do for you.

All the best for the spring and summer, FHASS; enjoy this issue, and we’ll see you in the fall!

Owen, Sarah S., Glenn, and Jennifer P.