FHASS at Sheridan Creates

Once again, the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences found itself front-and-centre on March 1, 2017 at Sheridan Creates, the second annual Conference of Scholars, Creators, and Innovators at Sheridan’s HMC campus. Making up more than one third of all presenters at the conference, FHASS faculty members presented their current research on topics as various as technological ennoblement, anthropological creativity, religious suicide, political extremism, cognitive reasoning, affordable housing, and teaching international students; their workshop and marketplace contributions included focus on distracted learning, community building, and an overview of the new Honours Bachelor of Creative Writing & Publishing set to launch in September 2017.

In addition to exposing the rest of Sheridan to the staggering breadth of our collective interests and foci, the conference served once again to highlight the extent to which so many FHASS faculty are involved in extensive, ongoing research extending above and beyond their recognized duties as Sheridan faculty. The day, and FHASS’s role and presence in every aspect of it, served to underline once again the reach of our Faculty, and the inextricable relationship between our research and our work as cultural citizens, responsible teachers, and public representatives of Sheridan as a whole. Congratulations to all involved, and especially to Professor Christian Knudsen,¬†Associate Dean Sean McNabney,¬†and Dean Yael Katz, who all sat on the conference planning committee.

You can read more about Sheridan Creates here, and check out some photos from the day below.

Dr. Alia Somani presenting at Sheridan Creates. Photo: Jennifer Phenix

Dr. Anna Boshnakova, mid-presentation. Photo: Jennifer Phenix

Dr. Peter Kikkert, feeling it at Sheridan Creates. Photo: Jennifer Phenix