The Stories We Teach

Three of FHASS’s Creative Writing faculty presented as a panel on “Stories We Teach: Writing Inspired by the Creative Writing Class and Beyond” at the Canadian Creative Writers and Writing Programs (CCWWP) conference and Canadian Writers’ Summit at Harbourfront Centre on June 17, 2016. Jennifer Chambers presented on Creative Writing pedagogy, including writing prompts that inspire students, and showcased some student writing as well as a couple of her poems. Glenn Clifton discussed how teaching at the front of the classroom differs from being the student present in one, and considered power dynamics as a lead-in to his short story “Kyle.” Ian Williams presented a new short story “The Man From H.R.” that considers what happens when a student complains in hateful language at the end of a course via email. Congrats to our FHASS writers for getting out there and representing us!