From the Dean’s Office


Photo: Yael Katz

This semester marked several new beginnings for the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences; we were delighted to welcome new members to our expanding team of faculty, staff and administration, and are busily preparing to welcome new programs as the 2016-17 academic year unfolds. Our degree in Creative Writing & Publishing gained formal approval to go live in September 2017 at the newly expanded Hazel McCallion Campus, while our graduate certificate for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Plus is set and ready to launch at the same campus next fall. Congratulations to the outstanding faculty teams who imagined each of these programs and brought their respective collective visions to fruition!

With inspired community events such as Sheridan Reads, For Her We Speak and the Roots of Freedom Festival, among others, and with our deliberate efforts to bring our creative processes, scholarly activities and research to the communities we serve, the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences is, more than ever, a place where ideas come to life and where students explore exactly how innovation happens. To learn more, please delve into this issue of Alchemy and enjoy!

Yael Katz, Dean