Welcome to the Spring / Summer 2015 issue of Alchemy!

To download this issue of Alchemy as a PDF, please click here:Alchemy Spring Summer 2015

Welcome to the condensed Spring/Summer 2015 issue of Alchemy. We hope that you are finding the nicer weather and quieter campus rejuvenating (despite all the construction and displacement!), and that you are able to enjoy whatever vacation time you’re able to carve out for yourself these lovely months.

While reflective, in its brevity, of said quieter campus (and emptier cubicles and offices), this issue of Alchemy continues to testify to the vibrancy of FHASS’s cultural, pedagogical, and academic spirit. Please continue submitting your stories, notes, accomplishments, milestones, and observations as you have more time to reflect, plan, and prepare for the fall.

Please consult the ‘Submissions’ tab on our webpage for specific submission details and dates for our future issues. Keep your news, ideas, and articles coming!

Finally, Alchemy graciously salutes its two outgoing Associate Editors, Sarah Sinclair and Mikal Austin Radford, for their hard work over the past year. We also welcome new Associate Editors Jennifer Phenix and Glenn Clifton into the fold. Thanks Sarah and Mikal, and welcome Jennifer and Glenn!