Welcome to the Winter 2015 issue of Alchemy!

Welcome to the Winter 2015 issue of Alchemy. As this issue reflects, this has been an industrious winter for FHASS. In addition to the launch of Sheridan Reads and the Film For Thought screening series, the Faculty has continued its important day-to-day work, continued to grow, and has forged several collaborative partnerships that have already borne creative and intellectual fruit—see the specific articles that follow for more details. Suffice it to say it’s an exciting time to be in the FHASS family!

As with our last issue (and those to follow), Alchemy will be accessible in its original blog format, but also as a PDF which can be read as a more traditionally unified issue. Download the PDF here: Alchemy Winter 15

Finally, we offer one more reminder that we will be publishing Alchemy once per semester and have established some guidelines and deadlines for submissions as we move forward. Please consult the ‘Submissions’ tab on our webpage for specific details and dates. Keep your news, ideas, and articles coming!

–Owen Percy, Sarah Sinclair, and Mikal Radford