FHASS Partners Up With CCAH

By Sean McNabney

Winter 2015 marked the launch of an exciting and fruitful partnership between The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (FHASS) and the Canadian Caribbean Association of Halton (CCAH).

The CCAH is an organization whose pillars – Education, Culture, Community, Harmony – align with our Faculty’s vision to link students’ academic research to civic engagement initiatives with the aim of fostering a communal environment of cultural exchange. Check out their website here: http://ccah.ca/Default.asp?id=1&l=1.

The Faculty’s partnership with the CCAH provides our students with a unique opportunity to broaden their social/cultural perspectives and to see their academic efforts have a tangible, meaningful impact on our community.

The CCAH is a vital and highly active community organization, offering a robust programme of events throughout the year. FHASS has developed an equally ambitious agenda of community engagement activities, and this year has already featured some noteworthy collaborations with the CCAH:

  • On February 5th at the Oakville Town Hall, the Black History Month Kick-Off Celebration hosted by the CCAH featured a gallery exhibition of student posters from the Canada in the Making General Education course.
  • On February 17th, FHASS launched the Film For Thought series and partnered with the CCAH for an evening of film screening and discussion that featured students from the Documentary Film General Education Elective.

For further information about each of these initiatives, please see other articles on each in this issue.

These events represent the beginning of an ongoing and dynamic partnership and further initiatives are already in the works. The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences looks forward to future collaborations with the Canadian Caribbean Association of Halton and to enriching both the academic experience of our students and the cultural discourse of our community through this partnership.