College Association for Language and Literacy Call For Proposals

The College Association for Language and Literacy invites your submission for presentation to the 2015 CALL Conference. The deadline for submissions has been extended to March 16.

This year’s conference will be hosted at Durham College in Oshawa from May 27-29 and offers an opportunity to connect with colleagues from across the province.  You can check out past conference details at!past-conferences/cai7.

CALL is interested in knowing how you handle the challenges and opportunities of teaching in the colleges in 2015.  Please consider sharing your knowledge, your expertise, and your innovative ideas!

Call for Proposals

The ability to communicate effectively is one of life’s most important skills.  Whether the message is verbal, non-verbal, visual, digital, or print, understanding communication skills develops a stronger quality of life.  This year’s conference will explore how communication impacts our lives and the lives of others, inspires us to seek new opportunities, and engages us to continue to develop and grow.

CALL invites you to propose a presentation on the theme of impacting, inspiring, and engaging.

Possible areas of consideration are as follows:

  • Reading (summarizing, paraphrasing, analysis, evaluation, personal response, genre)
  • Writing (role of the teacher; composition theory; writing process; forms of writing; revision)
  • Assessment (process vs. product, portfolios, peer evaluation, rubrics, online assessment)
  • Collaboration (writing centres, writing across the curriculum, professional development)
  • Online Learning (learning management systems, hybrid delivery, tablets, software)
  • Classroom Management (behavioural problems; multilevel classes; multidisciplinary classes; students with disabilities)
  • Curriculum (outcomes, reading and writing tasks, streaming, placement strategies)

Presentations can come in a variety of formats including, but not limited to, workshops, roundtables, papers, and panels. Interactivity is highly encouraged.

Please submit your proposal by Monday, March 16, 2015.

*Please note that all presenters are required to register for the conference.

If you have questions, please contact Conference Co-chair Lara Loze at Lara.Loze[at]