Creativity Lives at Sheridan

Sheridan is known for its creative people, and the College’s mission places creativity at the centre of our modus operandi.  The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences is excited to further the College’s creativity agenda through a multi-pronged approach.  In November 2012, FHASS hosted “Medea Monologues: Creative Fires,” a performative event that featured women who monologued on the journey and experience of creativity.  It launched our Faculty’s contribution to the creativity initiative with great success.

On the curricular side, a number of innovative projects were proposed by faculty from all three Schools, and as a result we have developed a suite of unique degree-level creativity courses—ranging from “Psychology of Creativity” to “Creativity in Math”—that will soon be available as electives for students.  Additionally, some of our faculty are sitting on Sheridan’s Creativity Curriculum Working Group, alongside colleagues from all the other Faculties, in an effort to conceptualize interdisciplinary curriculum opportunities college-wide.  A number of faculty are diligently working on a creativity series to engage members of the Sheridan community and beyond.  The School of Humanities & Creativity recently posted two full-time faculty positions in the areas of Creativity & Creative Thinking and Storytelling & Narrativity.  We are aiming to expand our first-rate faculty team and are preparing for an engaging review process.

Other exciting initiatives are planned and we continue to look forward to expressions of interest in this area.  Please join us in building creative capacity, and stay tuned for the next update!