School College Work Initiative

Did you know that about 700 high school students will be taking dual credit courses this year at Sheridan, in one of 18 programs at all four Sheridan campuses? Or that about 600 Grade 7/8 students will be enjoying an exciting day of experiential mini-workshops at our Davis Campus in May to explore what it’s like to be a college student? And did you know that Sheridan has been offering dual credit programs since 2005? These programs offer high school students an opportunity to come to Sheridan, take college courses, and gain both high school credits and college credits simultaneously.

Want to learn more about dual credit programs and other activities designed to promote pathways into college programs? Find out about the School College Work Initiative (SCWI) by attending the 2013 SCWI Symposium at Humber College on Tuesday, May 14th. This full day event is packed with a wide variety of presentations, workshops and networking opportunity sessions that promise to inform and engage you, whether you are a seasoned veteran of SCWI, a newcomer to the game, or interested in finding out what it’s all about. For more information about the Symposium and to register online, please visit