Tony Falikowski Keeps More Than Busy!

Screenshot: Tony Falikowski

Screenshot: Tony Falikowski

Professor Tony Falikowski made excellent, industrious use of his recent sabbatical. First, on February 25, 2015, he was an invited guest on Eldon Taylor’s nationally syndicated radio podcast program, Provocative Enlightenment. Taylor is a New York Times bestselling author who has had people like Linda Evans, Lindsey Wagner, George Noory, and Joan Borysenko on previous programs. The topic was Tony’s book, Higher Reality Therapy: Nine Pathways to Inner Peace. The conversation went so well, Tony has been invited back in the fall to continue the discussion.

Next, he was invited to submit an article which was published in Volume 10 (March 15, 2015) of Philosophical Practice, a refereed journal of the American Philosophical Practitioners Association based in New York. The article was a critical discussion of the conventional reality therapy developed by William Glasser. The title of the article is: “Reality Therapy’s Concept of Basic Needs: A Psycho-Philosophical Critique.” In it, Tony points out the arbitrary and unvalidated nature of Glasser’s motivational theory as well as its internal logical inconsistencies and conceptual incoherence.

Finally, Tony has kept up with his research and work on a new book to be entitled Let’s be Reasonable: A Basic Guide to Rational Thinking. He hopes to have the first rough draft complete by the end of August. Well done, Tony!

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