When the House is Alive

My book recommendation for this week is something to get your mind off all your schoolwork, but you can read it quickly enough to return to your schoolwork in a timely manner: Piranesi by Susanna Clarke. The book… Read More

On Small Elliptical Novels

Kate Cayley. Credit: Livia Ambrose

A lot of people have sent me a lot of writing this year, for which I’m grateful. I’ve done my best to offer thoughtful, kindly, and helpful advice. Sometimes, of course, this advice sounds a little rote in… Read More

Book Rec: Biography of X, by Catherine Lacey

Kate Cayley. Credit: Livia Ambrose

March 12, 2024 I’ll go short this week. Just one book, but it’s a big weird sprawling experimental novel, only don’t be put off by that. You will be riveted. It’s an art novel, a marriage novel, a… Read More

In Praise of Books in Which Nothing Happens

Kate Cayley. Credit: Livia Ambrose

Sometimes nothing needs to “happen.” Sometimes, as a reader, just following a mysterious fictional stranger as they go about the awkward and unstable business of living is enough. This can be one of the deepest and most satisfying… Read More