Dialogue and Arguing the Other Side

Kate Cayley. Credit: Livia Ambrose

I’ve been thinking lately about dialogue and what it means. The use of dialogue is, of course, obvious: a tool, the same as any other, a way to move the story forward, and make leaps in the reader’s… Read More

In Praise of Graphic Novels

Kate Cayley. Credit: Livia Ambrose

Nothing has delighted me more, in terms of literary trends, than the rise of the graphic novel over the last decade or so. They’ve gone from poor relations to contenders, containing as much life, as much subtlety, as… Read More

Remembering Peter Steven

By Michael Baker It was with sadness that FHASS learned over the winter holiday of the passing of our retired colleague, Peter Steven (1950-2023). Peter arrived to Sheridan in 2007 and was a Professor of Film Studies until his… Read More

And Now, More Craft Books

Kate Cayley. Credit: Livia Ambrose

Sorry, broken record. But my weekly dispatch is another craft book, while I’m on the subject. Perhaps because this is what I find myself reading, partly because I can’t seem to make myself finish Fellow Travellers, the adaption… Read More

Craft Book Recommendation (for your New Year’s resolution to begin a novel)

Kate Cayley. Credit: Livia Ambrose

If you, like me, started off the year with ambitions to have a book drafted by spring, you are probably, like me, already struggling with procrastination. But, as I like to stress, not all procrastination is created equal…. Read More