Questions and Answers

Kate Cayley. Credit: Livia Ambrose

The question box has debuted, and there are questions in it. Heartfelt thanks to those of you who took the time. Keep at it. Nothing is too big, nothing is too small, nothing is too specific, and, because… Read More

Alchemy Announces the Fall 2023 WRITE LIKE A HUMAN Contest!

In 2011, after attending an annual Turing test competition, journalist Brian Christian wrote: “I think that while the first year that computers pass the Turing test will certainly be a historic one, it will not mark the end… Read More

On Beginnings, again

Kate Cayley. Credit: Livia Ambrose

I struggle with beginnings, especially of short stories. I think everyone does. They are the most exciting part, the moment when everything seems possible. But they are terrifying because so much depends on them. They must set the… Read More

Suggestion Boxes and Beginnings Part #2

Kate Cayley. Credit: Livia Ambrose

Part of my business here is to be on hand to answer questions. Sometimes questions are hard to ask. Because it’s tricky to find the time, or formulate (on your feet, in your words) what you want to… Read More


Hello all. I’ll be your writer in residence from now through to the end of April. You’ll see me skulking around the campus a couple of times a week. At Sheridan, I’ll be here to read your work,… Read More