Diaspora Dialogues come to Sheridan

Sheridan recently hosted the 905 Road Show with Diaspora Dialogues. The show featured a variety of entertainment, including fiction, comedy, poetry,  non-fiction, a pop-up art exhibit, musical medleys, and a live art installation. Both students and professors performed… Read More

Brampton Batman comes to Sheridan!

Brampton’s own Batman recently dropped in on Peter Grevstad’s graphic novel class. Peter invited the Brampton Batman to come and raise funds for the Student Union Food Bank.

Sarah Tsiang’s Status Update nominated for the Pat Lowther Award

Sarah’s latest collection of poetry, Status Update, is nominated for the League of Canadian Poets Pat Lowther Award for the best book of poetry written by a woman. Her first book of poetry, Sweet Devilry, won the League… Read More

Owen Percy edits collection of poetry

Owen Percy, editor extraordinaire has edited a new collection by Tom Wayman. Owen also wrote the intro to the book and you can find The Order in Which We Do Things; The Poetry of Tom Wayman on sale… Read More

Paula Green talks about Hybrid Learning

Paula Green, the manager of the Academic Upgrading Program, School of Social and Life Sciences, talks about the Hybrid model of Teaching and Learning within Academic Upgrading   Bio: Paula has a MA in Sociology from the University… Read More

Rossana gets her M.B.A.!

By Rossana Gorys A couple of years ago, I decided that I wanted to pursue a Master’s program.  After looking into many programs, I elected to begin the on-line MBA program through the University of Phoenix and am… Read More

Alex Hollenberg published in Style

Seeking the Vocabulary of Literary Simplicity Simplicity, according to Professor Alexander Hollenberg, should not be a bad word for academics. And this is the thinking behind Dr. Hollenberg’s most recent article, “Smooth Structures: Narrative Form as Ethical Contact… Read More

Gail Benick invited to write a “Dear Me”

If you could send a letter to yourself aged sixteen, what would you write in it? Gail Benick was invited to write just such a letter to her younger self and present it on a panel at the… Read More

Christine Taylor launches new website for seniors

Christine Taylor, who teaches gerontology at Sheridan has put her skills to use in a helpful new website, www.informedsenior.ca Taylor is a well known expert in the field of gerontology and was recently interviewed by CBC radio stations… Read More

Tony Falikowski Giving a talk in Portugal

Tony Falikowski has been invited to present at the 2014 European Enneagram Conference in Portugal from April 25-27.  He will be giving a talk entitled: “A Synthesis of Spiritual Systems – Enneagram Psychology in the Context of A… Read More