The Hub: Prof. Joel Lopata behind the lens

“The Beach…” By Joel Lopata, Professor of Psychology and Creativity “I’ve recently gotten back into film photography – something I pursued 25 years ago when I was in film school at York U. Here’s a photo I took… Read More

The Hub: Short fiction from CW&P

Mrs. Meddings by Gaye Wignall Isa lived in a bachelor over a laundromat on St. Clair Avenue West in Toronto. The dingy yellow walls did not support one painting. Small cracks emerged from the baseboards and travelled up… Read More

The Hub: “Once upon a time…”

Once upon a time there was a princess who grew up in a castle without any walls. That isn’t to say the castle had no shape – on the contrary, of course it had a shape, but the… Read More

The Hub: “Cyberia” by Jayceon Lincoln

Thick-piled Persian rugs section my mink marble floor. I marvel at my own exquisite taste. My creations are monumental silhouettes. My newest design lays dormant in her enclosed glass chamber. I hadn’t yet provided her with a name… Read More

The Hub: Writing/Talking/Walking Contest Winners

In partnership with Sheridan’s Centre for Indigenous Leadership and Support, the SRCA-funded Talk the Walk project held the first Writing/Talking/Walking Contest this semester. The competition sought submissions of creative or critical writing in any genre dealing with themes… Read More

Short fiction horror story: “Malysh” by Emily M. Clarke

When I read “Malysh” by Emily Clarke, a first-year student in the Honours Bachelor of Creative Writing & Publishing, I was immediately struck by the number of difficult techniques Emily had pulled off, while making it all look effortless…. Read More

ESL Student Wins International Student Photo Contest

By: Prof. Tahani Al Taha Recently, one of my ESL Advanced students at HMC, Dong Quach, won the first prize of the Sheridan International Student Photo Contest. Dong followed all the required specifications listed on the contest instructions… Read More

The HUB: Akil McKenzie

2nd year Bachelor of Film and Television student Akil McKenzie organized the SSU “Making Noise with No Voice” poetry event held on Feb. 23, 2016. He reflects on the event below, and includes posters developed for the event… Read More

The Hub: Eustace Ng and Anita Yen’s “APE”

This semester’s amazing Hub piece comes from two of FHASS professor Jaime Ginter’s former students, Eustace Ng and Anita Yen, who made a brief stop-motion film inspired by one of Jaime’s courses.   From Eustace and Anita: We… Read More

The Hub: “The Mystery of the S” by Walter Carrera

After enrolling in Professor Robyn Read’s Introduction to Creative Writing class in January 2015, Sheridan Interaction Design student Walter Carrera uncovered his long-lost passion for narrative storytelling; thanks in large part to his experience in CWRT15389GD with Dr…. Read More