Alireza Sobhanmanesh wins a doctoral SSHRC grant

ESL professor Alireza Sobhanmanesh has been awarded a prestigious doctoral SSHRC grant to complete his dissertation. Alireza’s doctoral dissertation includes a multi-layered study in which he explores possibilities for enhancing college EAP (English for Academic Purposes) learners’ English… Read More

Jelena Marelj on Shakespeare’s Characters

Prof. Jelena Marelj’s book, Shakespearean Character: Language in Performance, was recently published by the Arden Shakespeare (Bloomsbury UK). The book explores the astounding lifelikeness of Shakespeare’s most memorable and linguistically complex dramatic characters. Marelj uses theories drawn from… Read More

Paging DOCTOR Meldrum…

Prof. Claire Meldrum successfully defended her doctoral dissertation on March 8, 2019.  Her dissertation, “The Mockery of Things: Material Culture and Domestic Ideology in the Detective Fiction of Anna Katharine Green” considers the role of physical objects like… Read More

Nathaniel Barr continues to find his Reasons

In a recently released chapter entitled “Why Reason Matters: Connecting Research on Human Reason to the Challenges of the Anthropocene,” Prof. Nathaniel Barr and his colleague Gordon Pennycook provide evidence to show why advancing and applying the study of… Read More

Marcel Nelson in Latin American Perspectives

Prof. Marcel Nelson recently published an article titled “Walking the Tightrope of Socialist Governance: A Strategic-Relational Analysis of Twenty-first-Century Socialism” online in the journal Latin American Perspectives. The article will appear in an upcoming thematic issue of the… Read More

Claire Meldrum on the Research Trail

Prof. Claire Meldrum has recently won two research fellowships in support of her current biography project about nineteenth century detective fiction writer Anna Katharine Green. She received the 2018 Weston A. Cate Fellowship from the Vermont Historical Society and a Harry Ransom… Read More

FHASS joins the SRCAs!

The brilliant faculty in FHASS have been inordinately successful at winning SRCA funding since the program’s launch last year; the trend continues as we congratulate recent recipients Michelle Szabo and Danielle Freitas on their successful project proposals (below)…. Read More

Dr. Sommers goes to Vegas!

In February of 2018, Prof. Rory Sommers presented at the 30th annual Ethnographic and Qualitative Research Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Titled “Probing, Provoking and “Saving Face”: Navigating the Power-Resistance Dynamic of Active Interviewing,” his presentation explored the challenges… Read More

Faye Guenther on Archives, Memoir, and Queer Histories

Professor Faye Guenther‘s latest academic article has been published in a recent issue of Australian Feminist Studies (32, 2017).  Read the abstract below, and click here to access the full text of the article. Congratulations, Faye!   In… Read More

Claire Meldrum is on the case

Claire Meldrum has enjoyed two recent publishing successes.  Her article, “Dressing Up: Social Climbing, Criminality and Fashion in Anna Katharine Green’s “Behind Closed Doors” was published in the Spring 2018 issue of Clues: A Journal of Detection (36.1, 2018).  She… Read More